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IERC - Activity Chains

The European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things has created a number of activity chains to favour close cooperation between the projects addressing IoT topics and to form an arena for exchange of ideas and open dialog on important research challenges. The activity chains are defined as work streams that group together partners or specific participants from partners around well defined technical activities that will result into at least one output or delivery that will be used in addressing the IERC objectives.


  •  AC1 - Architecture approaches and open platforms

Bertrand Copigneaux (BUTLER), Gurgen Levent, (CEA-LETI), Alessandro Bassi (Bassi Consulting), Martin Bauer (Smarties)

  • AC2 - Naming and addressing schemes. Means of search and discovery

John Soldatos (OpenIoT), Claudio Pastrone (ALMANAC)

Maurizio Spirito (ALMANAC), Tragos Elias (RERUM), Vera Stavroulaki (iCore), Raffaele Giaffreda (iCore)

  • AC4 - Service openness and interoperability issues/semantic interoperability

Philippe Cousin, (SMART-ACTION), Martin Serrano, (OpenIoT)

  • AC5 - Governance, Privacy and Security issues

Adam Kapovits (RERUM),Tragos Elias (RERUM), Maarten Botterman (SMART-ACTION)

  • AC6 - Standardisation and pre-regulatory research

Marco Carugi (ZTE), Patrick Guillemin (ETSI), Friedbert Berens (BUTLER)

  • AC7 - Cognitive Technologies for IoT

Abdur Rahim Biswas (iCore), Gurgen Levent (CEA-LETI)

  • AC8 - Societal Impact and Responsibility in the Context of IoT Applications

Rob van Kranenburg (SOCIOTAL), Francesca Bria (Nesta)

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