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Internet of Things - Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

Internet of Things Intelligence and Senses The next wave of the Internet of Things (IoT) technological development grows with radical advances in artificial intelligence (AI), edge computing processing, new sensing capabilities and autonomous functions accelerating progress towards the ability to self-develop, self-maintain and self-optimise.

IoT applications’ collective intelligence will eventually enhance the autonomous capabilities of the IoT while creating new possibilities for humans to connect seamlessly, enabling new ways to collaborate among machines and between humans and machines.

Strengthening human–machine interaction, collaboration and cooperation using hyper autonomous IoT technologies and applications provides new opportunities for economic development and the digitisation of industries in the new digital age, extending the wave of continuous innovation and disruption of IoT business models.

The emergence of hyper autonomous IoT with enhanced sensing, distributed intelligence, edge processing and connectivity, combined with human augmentation, has the potential to power both the transformation and optimisation of industrial sectors and change the innovation landscape.

IoT sensing, actuating and computing processing at the edge provide IoT systems the capabilities to deliver disconnected or distributed functions to the embedded physical environment and provide the digital representation and modelling, simulation and augmented functions through ‘digital twins’ in digital, virtual and cyber environments.

New Waves of IoT Technologies Research - Transcending Intelligence and Senses at the Edge to Create Multi Experience Environments
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